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Picture of Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS
Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, 2 Feb 17
by Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS - Tuesday, 7 February 2017, 07:22 AM
St Louis Public Schools Fire & EMS
2 Feb 2017

Members in attendance:
Don Woolem, Paramedic/Firefighter, Chief Medical Officer,Affton FPD, Advisory Committee President
Ken Riddle, Paramedic, Firefighter, Chief, SLPS Fire & EMS
Anthony Rezek, Firefigher, Asst Chief, SLPS Fire & EMS
Mike Stemmler, Program Volunteer, Gateway Fire Historical Society
James Arnold, Paramedic, EMS Training Officer, St Louis Fire Department
Dawna Wharton, CTE Program Specialist, St Louis Public Schools
Chris Crumble, Ass’t Principal, Gateway STEM High School
Haley Ellison, Student (Senior), Class of 2017
Kayla Haegele, Student (Junior), Class of 2018
Carosa Johnson, Student (Junior), Class of 2018
Breanna Morrison, Student (Junior), Class of 2018

• Breathing Air Compressor
o Purchasing has requested bid for a compressor
o Proposals/bids should be presented to the Board during the Feb meeting for the first read
o Proposals must be read at 2 Board meetings before the final vote by the board for approval/disapproval
o After the Board vote, Purchasing will then begin the purchase procedure
o 25 Survivair SCBAs have been flow tested and are now completely serviceable/certified
? We have 12 certified cylinders for the Survivairs
o We also have 20 MSA SCBAs that are also completely serviceable and certified
? We have approx. 41 certified cylinders for those SCBAs
o The large cascade cylinders on the fire truck were also tested and certified
• NOTE: Affton Fire Protection District is graciously filling all of our cylinders for us
• Bunker gear
o Will be our primary focus for Fire program purchase for 2017-2018 school year
• Live Fire Instructor Class
o Would like to train all volunteers in compliance with NFPA 1403 Live Burn Training
? This certification would be for SLPS Fire &EMS Program ONLY
? Missouri Fire Marshal does not yet offer certification for this
o All required training information is on hand, purchased by SLPS
• Ford Pierce Pumper (510)
o Will be donated to Cross Timbers Rural Fire Dept, FDID 04304, Hickory, MO 65634
o Approved by SAB on 8 Dec 16
• EMT Practical Test Results
o 12/17 students passed state NREMT practical exam (70.5%)
o Last year was 9/18 students (50%)

• Equipment Donation
o Rock Hill FD donated 10 sections (100 ft sections) of 4 inch supply line and some connecting appliances

• CPR Instructor Classes
o Two (2) CPR Instructor classes were held with the approval of St Louis Fire Department Lifesaving Training Center
o New instructor candidates from: SLPS, StL Fire Deparment, Volunteers, St Louis City Corrections, and some others
• Graduate Success
o Two (2) students (Revan Odah and Lataira Frazier) from last year’s class have passed the written test and are now licensed as EMTs in Missouri
• Firefighting program is focus for this semester (Spring 2017)
o Sixteen (16) students still in program
• Open House /Awards Ceremony
o Projected sometime in Spring 2017
? Student led project
• Uniform Award/Donation
o Recommend someone contact Leon Uniforms to see about donating one uniform to outstaning student of the year
? Project Lead is Michael Stemmler, Program Volunteer
o Suggestion to contact Ed Roehr Safety Products, 2710 Locust St, St Louis, 63103
? Also a uniform and equipment supplier in St Louis
• Ambulance Donation
o Seeking a new(er) ambulance for the program due to age/maintenance issues starting with our 1994 Ford Marque ambulance
o Osage Ambulance in Linn, MO, is a local ambulance manufacturer/supplier and takes trade-ins
? Don Woolem and Michael Stemmler to work on this project
• St Louis Area EMS Medical Officers meetings
o Don Woolem suggested that Ken Riddle attend the meetings to keep current on issues affecting EMS agencies locally and investigate employment opportunities for Gateway students
o Meetings held on 1st Tuesday of each month, 0930, St Louis County Fire Academy
? Sub requested for 7 Feb to cover classes for that meeting
• Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) training
o Capt Arnold, StLFD, stated that he may be attending an EMD instructor class in the near future and would be open to including that course as an option for our students
• Chief Riddle Comments
o Seniors are mentoring Junior students who are interested in applying for the Academy next year.
? Has resulted in closer cooperation between Jrs and Seniors
? Juniors have duty assignments that mirror Seniors and are learning the operation of the program already to ensure a smoother transition for next year
o Volunteer program
? We would not have as successful a program as we do without the time, effort and dedication of our volunteers.
? We can try to “pay” our volunteers by providing them with training opportunities and certifications that will ultimately help them assist in our program and help them at their jobs
? Eventually we may be able to offer training classes to local fire departments and enhance our reputation in the state
o School Emergency Response Procedures/Protocols
? We have become an integral part of the emergency response teams for Gateway.
? The Fire/EMT program has established a reputation of being responsible and reliable to assist during emergencies at the school. This is a direct reflection on the quality of the students that are selected and stay with the program.
? NOTE: Mr Crumble, Ass’t Principal, echoed those sentiments and stated that the Fire/EMT program is an extremely valuable asset that assists in the safety of our students
? NOTE: We should examine the protocols for Active Shooter situations in keeping with the current guidelines of “Run, Hide, Fight” as opposed to the old guidelines of shelter in place.
? There is a communication disconnect between the Fire/EMT Program and the Administators/Security.
• Dawna Wharton Comments
o Program status
? Ms Wharton stated that the Fire/EMT program is one of the strongest in the District and makes points for the District on the MSIP evaluation.
o Supplies/Requistions
? Ms Wharton further stated that if we needed to purchase radios to be able to communicate with Administrators/Security then there is some money available to do that.
? Bunker gear requisitions do not have to wait until next school year. We should begin incremental purchases of bunker gear starting now because there are still some funds available.
• Events
o Fundraising: Two more Culver’s Share Nights this semester
? 13 Feb 17, Big Bend location, 5 – 8 pm
? 21 Feb 17, S. Lindbergh location, 5 – 8 pm
o St Patrick’s Day Parade
? Projected to participate in this year’s parade
• Next Meeting
o 4 May 2017, 3 pm, Rm 416, Gateway STEM High School

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Riddle, Chief
Picture of Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS
2016 Practical Skills Test Results
by Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS - Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 06:54 AM
The following 2016-2017 EMT students have passed their Practical Skills Exam and are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to take their written exam.

Sequoi Davis
Haley Ellison
Micah Johnson
Megan Jones
Taylor Lewis
Quinyea Mack
Thao Nguyen
Kiara Orellana-Gomez
Jackelyn Rodriguez
Michael Stemmler
Linda Tran
KiOntey Turner
Laura Zendajas-Gallegos

Students that did not pass this time still have the opportunity to achieve that goal.

Picture of Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS
ICE Spring Break Conference 2017
by Ken Riddle, Chief SLPS Fire & EMS - Thursday, 3 November 2016, 05:28 AM
The ICE (Instructor - Coordinator - Evaluator) Spring Break Conference will be held March 29-31, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, MO.

Keynote Speakers are:
Reuben Farnsworth, RockStar Education and Consulting
Chirs Nollette, Ed.D, NREMT-P, LP

Dan Flynn from Nightwatch (New Orleans EMS) will also be there.

The NAEMSE 40 hour Instructor Course will be held March 27-29, 2017.

The Pre-Conference on March 29, 2017, will include ACLS and PALS Instructor courses followed by refreshers or BLS Instructor course followed by Community CPR.

Watch the following websites for more information:
www.moambulance.org, www.memsa.org and www.muhealth.org

Course categories

 Introduction to Public SafetyThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Emergency Medical Responder, 6th Ed, Jones & BartlettSummary
 Basic FireFighter, Missouri Division of Fire Safety Training
Fire & EMS Academy 
 Emergency Medical Technician, 11th Ed, Jones & BartlettThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Emergency Medical Technician , 10th Ed, Jones & BartlettThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Missouri FireFighter 1 & 2 (2013)Summary
 FireFighter 1 & 2 (Jones and Bartlett)Summary
 IFSTA FireFighter 1 & 2Summary
 Hazardous Materials/WMD Incident Response: Awareness/OperationsSummary
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 SLPS Fire & EMSThis course allows guest users to enter
 Live Fire Instructor TrainingThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
Advisory Committee 
 Advisory CommitteeSummary
Continuing Education 
 Useful Website LinksThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 American Heart Association (AHA) CPR CoursesThis course requires an enrolment key
 Lion Fire Academy
 HIPPA for Ambulance Service
 SALT TriageSummary
 EMT Basic Refresher Course
 BSA Wilderness First AidSummary
 Philips MP2 IntelliVue Patient MonitorSummary
 Medical TerminologySummary
 Sports First Aid and Injury PreventionSummary
 Oxygen AdministrationSummary
 FEMA ICS CoursesSummary
 Medic Alert Tag InformationSummary
 Missouri EMS Instructor CourseSummary
 Paramedic Calculations for Medication AdministrationSummary
 IFSTA Fire Instructor, 8th Ed
FEMA ICS Courses 
 IS 5, An Introduction to Hazardous MaterialsSummary
 ICS 100, Introduction to the Incident Command SystemThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 ICS 200, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action IncidentsThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 ICS 300, Intermediate ICSSummary
 ICS 315 - ICS for CERT teams
 IS 317, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)This course allows guest users to enterSummary
 ICS 400, Advanced ICSSummary
 IS-700.a NIMS An IntroductionThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 IS-800.B National Response Framework, An IntroductionThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Additional ICS ResourcesThis course allows guest users to enter
Search and Rescue Courses 
 Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Task GuideSummary
 National Search and Rescue School: Inland SAR PlanningSummary
FireFighter Trainng 
 Missouri Fire Instructor CourseThis course allows guest users to enterSummary

Welcome to the the online home of St Louis Public Schools Fire & EMS Academy at Gateway STEM High School.
Lecture portions of classes are now listed on the website and available for students 24/7. Students are responsible for completing the online portions of the class according to the class schedule.
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